Ban Glyphosate in Public Spaces in FNQ

Councils in Far North Queensland are spraying Roundup on our roadsides, parks, playgrounds, public spaces and environmentally sensitive drainage channels including waterways leading to the Great Barrier Reef. International evidence has shown the herbicide is toxic.

Cancer-causing Chemicals: Spraying exposes residents to the adverse health effects of this cancer-causing chemical. Glyphosate is a contributing factor to a number of serious health-related issues, including birth defects and infertility. The danger that glyphosate poses to our health and environment translates to a major economic cost to our society.

Safe and Healthy Communities: We should be able to trust our representatives to provide a safe and healthy environment for our communities. The public spraying of this carcinogenic chemical is a violation of our human rights. Any private or public organisation using Roundup risks being sued by employees and residents if their health is affected.

Duty of Care: Workplace Health & Safety issues need to be properly addressed. Council has a ‘duty of care’ towards people and the well-being of our environment. Council must not confine itself to a limited analysis based only on immediate operating costs.


We, the undersigned residents of Queensland are petitioning the Far North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (FNQROC), all FNQ Councils, Mayors, CEO’s and Councillors to immediately implement these four measures within all public spaces such as parks, playgrounds and recreational areas as well as environmentally sensitive areas such as waterways.

We hereby give notice that, we the people, expect each Mayor, CEO and Councillor to enact their duty of care, on our behalf, to protect community health and well-being by acting on these common sense precautionary measures

1) To rapidly phase out the use of the toxic herbicide glyphosate in these areas.
2) In the interim to add a spray marker dye so all glyphosate treated areas are easily recognisable.
3) In the interim to cordon off any sprayed areas until the product is fully dry.
4) In the interim to provide clear signage as to ‘what was sprayed’, ‘concentration used’ and ‘time of application’.

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