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Friends of the Earth Far North Queensland (FoE FNQ) was formed in 2005, originally known as FoE Kuranda. Brought together by concern about land clearing for a new highway, we now work regionally with other local and national groups on a wide range of issues.

Our aims are:

  • To lobby all levels of Government to make better decisions to reduce our climate omissions and polluting practises whilst raising awareness of positive actions communities can take on climate change and support communities to build in adaptions to climate induced natural disasters . 
  • To educate, protect and restore water courses back to clean, healthy and living ecosystems this includes creeks, rivers, wet lands, mangroves systems, inshore and ocean waters within our region .
  • To enhance soil health by addressing poor agricultural practises by promoting regenerative agriculture
  • To actively work towards halting the loss of biodiversity and the extinction of all vulnerable, threatened and endangered species of flora and fauna specifically keystone species the southern cassowary and flying foxes the seed dispersal agents of the tropical rainforests.
  • To work with and lobby Local, State and Federal Governments for much better sustainable town and regional planning for energy supply, transport, waste recycling, better food production, health and climate adaption by not permitting any more inappropriate developments or habitat fragmentation or destruction.
  • To campaign for social justice -including for first nation land rights and recognition and restitution of past injustices, DV support services and improve public health and mental health services.
  • To work for socially inclusive communities that are safe places for everyone.

We are a friendly, inclusive, diverse group of people with a wide range of interests and skills and openly welcome new members

If you or your group are passionate or you wish to learn more about the environment and social justice, please contact us or come along to one of our meetings. We'd love to hear from you and to explore ways of working together.

Group Meetings:

We are a friendly group who meet regularly. New members are always welcome.

To find out more and get involved: 

Phone Margaret on 0403214422 or email [email protected]




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Roundup and glyphosate given tick of approval for use in World Heritage area

These articles were first published in The Kuranda Paper 

A weedkiller banned overseas has been given the tick of approval by a state authority to be used across the World Heritage-listed wet tropics area in Far North Queensland.

Glyphosate & Cancer Risk

Bayer/ Montsanto offered to pay over A$15 billion to settle thousands of class action lawsuits in the U.S. These were made by people who claim the company's Glyphosate Based herbicides (GBH) caused their cancers. In response Federal Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud has assured the public that he is confident that 'if Australians use it per the label, it is perfectly safe.'

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