March 4 Justice

March 4 Justice

It was uplifting to see so many women and men in the March 4 Justice demonstrations throughout the country recently, including the one in Cairns. The courage of the survivors who spoke out was both moving and inspiring. 

March 4 Justice is calling for the government to 

  • conduct full independent investigations into all cases of gendered violence and timely referrals to appropriate authorities with full public accountability for the findings;
  • fully implement the 55 recommendations in the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Respect@Work report of the National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces 2020;
  • lift public funding for gendered violence prevention to world’s best practice. and
  • enact a federal Gender Equality Act to promote gender equality. It should include a gender equity audit of Parliamentary practices.

ACTION: Sign the March 4 Justice petition

This article was first published in The Kuranda Paper.