Fukushima Meltdown Update

Fukushima-nuclear-explosions.jpgExplosions at the Fukushima Reactor Building 3 on 31 Dec 2013 are causing concern. Is that the reactor in the process of uncontrolled meltdown? The implications of this would be serious as 89 tons of nuclear fuel are contained in this building, which could then be released into the atmosphere.

Even before the recent explosion, the west coast of North and South America was being affected by a significant increases of radiation. Iodine supplementation is being recommended by doctors to prevent thyroid cancer from the increased radiation levels. Experts are now warning that ‘the days of eating Pacific Ocean fish are over’.

The new Queensland Government’s recent overturning of Queensland’s 23-year ban on Uranium mining needs to be reconsidered for many reasons – not least the recurring accidents at nuclear power plants over decades-from Chernobyl to Fukishima – plus the unresolved issue of where to dump the toxic nuclear waste.