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Big News!..  The Queensland Department of Environment has refused the environmental approval of billionaire Clive Palmer’s Waratah Coal planned 1400 MW coal fired power station in Central West Queensland.

On one hand, the Department of Environment said quietly on November 2nd “The Project will contribute towards irreversible climate change impacts that are anticipated to undermine biological diversity and ecological integrity.” and recommend refusal. At the same time, the Department of Development’s advice about the local environmental impacts recommended approval with conditions.

But now more than ever help is needed and Friends of the Earth Brisbane are asking for support. For almost 2 years, the Minister for State Development, Steven Miles, has allowed an approval process to continue for the power station. Now is the time for Minister Miles to clearly reject Waratah and Protect Queensland.

Sign the Petition to Reject Waratah

Since 2009, Friends of the Earth Brisbane has been fighting this dirty climate wreaking power station. FoE supporters were part of the 91.8% of the submissions opposing the project, “citing concerns relating to climate change and the ability to meet national and state level emissions targets”.

This is a great example of people power. but now is the time to pressure Steven Miles, Minister for State Development and Planning to reject the proposed coal fired power station.

We are already experiencing catastrophic impacts of climate change with bushfires raging across the country, the Great Barrier Reef experiencing coral bleaching and unprecedented flooding. Queensland does not need another coal fired power station, what we need is governments will to take a stand against coal.

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Just how long has Minister Miles been delaying this decision…?


9 June 2009 - Waratah Coal applied for and received the Qld Government’s coordinated project status for a 900 MW coal power station in the same area as the current design.

24 April 2019 - The power station plan was pitched to the Barcaldine Regional Council and three Queensland Government departments during pre-lodgement meetings by Waratah Coal.

22 December  2021 - Minister for State Development Steven Miles issued a ‘Call In’ notice to assess the development application.

2 November 2023: Department of Environment and Science refused the Environmental Authority.

202?: Steven Miles REJECTS Waratah’s coal fired power station?

Join FoE Brisbane, and tell Minister Miles to REJECT Waratah and protect Qld!

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