Your Team’s response to FoE Questionnaire

Your Team consists of Mick Borzi for Mayor and Mary Graham, Fred Cristaldi, Kay Hastie, Paul Johnstone, Alan Pedersen and  Steve Dominikovic. Here is their collective response to the FoE questionnaire:

Any future upgrades to water and sewerage infrastructure will need to consider the financial impact on the ratepayer. It is the affordability of such upgrades that will guide Council in these matters. An example of this approach is the survey taken of Chillagoe residents in 2007 when an upgrade to water infrastructure was proposed. The residents voted a resounding “NO” to the upgrade, so no action was taken by Council.

We believe a review of our town plan should take place within 6 months of being elected. This should incorporate the best of both plans allowing flexibility and discretion for Council to apply conditions relevant to the area of development.

Our Council will support sustainable development throughout our Shire, while being mindful of the sensitive areas within our wet tropics region.

Councils are bound by both State and Federal laws in regard to protected species and the protection of exceptional biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Waste management systems should be efficient and affordable whilst leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible. Upgrades or recycling should only be implemented when the users are fully aware of the capital and operational costs and the carbon footprint of recycling.

All elected members of Council are required by law to declare all their interests to the CEO.

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