The rich World Heritage Wet Tropics rainforests are home to “Australia’s greatest diversity of animals and plants.”

Yet there are many rare, threatened and endangered animals.

Friends of the Earth FNQ works with local communities  and individual members to help preserve environmental biodiversity in the Far North region.  

If YOU notice a decline in numbers or something  impacting on a particular animal, we can help you counter those impacts.

We can help you with a range of tools and strategies for campaigning. Contact us here.

Endangered Kuranda Tree Frog

Spectacled Flying Foxes


Spectacled Flying Foxes are also an essential part of our rich eco-systems - they are key pollinators.

Like many animals in the Wet Tropics they are under threat - in massive decline. Friends of Earth works with local Flying Fox wildlife protection activities to highlight issues this species is facing.



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