Terry Newman's replies to Community Questionnaire

Terry Newman did not respond directly to the community questionnaire but sent the following statement:

"Being a non political independent candidate, my first priority is to be a representative for each of the 22,500 residents of the shire. Firstly the inequality of services between the more populated areas of the shire and the more remote areas need to be addressed by council.

For the Mareeba Shire to reach its full potential I believe the road and rail networks need to be vastly improved. With the Cairns economy being geared increasingly toward tourism there is a great opportunity to attract both light and heavy industry to the shire. Thus greatly improving the revenue base. And also providing increased job opportunities.

Along with council's core responsibilities of providing essential services to the community, council needs to be more streamlined thus reducing red tape and administration ensuring more of the available funding gets to be spent on the ground.

Due to an increasing environmental awareness, workplace health and safety laws and the public’s great appetite for litigation, all businesses including councils are finding it increasingly difficult and prohibitively expensive to provide any services these days. So in reply to your Wishlist these things would need to be funded by your kind donations to rates fees and charges. If elected I will be readily available in person. By telephone or email."

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