Write to Planning Minister to stop Myola mega subdivision!

Act today to stop the proposed Myola mega subdivision near Kuranda! This would damage the unique and environmentally fragile Myola valley.

Phone or email Hon. Cameron Dick, Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning  (07  3719  7200  /  statedevelopment@ministerial.qld.gov.au)  and ask him to enact the use of his ‘call-in’ powers regarding the subdivision application to Mareeba Shire Council (RAL180001 / RAL180002).

In addition to your concern about the impact of this development on our area's wildlife and cultural values, you might like to mention some of the following points:


  1. The Application was made on a superseded planning scheme (2004). The Myola Plan under this scheme was conditional on the Kuranda Range upgrade as per the feasibility study (attached).
  2. The Kuranda Range upgrade never occurred, therefore a Structure Plan was never drafted nor Gazetted.
  3. Upon the Mareeba and Tablelands Council amalgamation and then de-amalgamation the Mareeba Planning Scheme was advertised for amendments (amended) in 2007 with over 200+ submission from residents urging the discarding of the Myola Plan.
  4. The amendments to the 2007 Planning Scheme were never Gazetted and therefore never enacted.
  5. It was revealed the Mayor at the time had significant land holdings in Myola and did not abstain from the vote.
  6. In 1998 a new palm tree was discovered with only 90 trees left in the wild and is now listed on the IUCN Red List. All of the palms are within the Myola Precinct.
  7. In 2007 a new frog species was discovered, the Kuranda tree-frog (Litoria myola) with approx. 50% of the known population within the Myola precinct and discovered by Dr. Conrad Hoskins. It is now listed on the IUCN Red List. Based on past performance we have no confidence in the proponent’s interest or ability in protecting this species. There has already been an instance where silt from a failed dam destroyed breeding waterholes with silt and the company responded poorly.
  8. In 2009 the new FNQ Regional Plan 2009-2031 was released which quotes, “Myola is not considered for urban development in the life of this regional plan”’. Hence the use of Cardno’s non-urban residential zoning for their 239 residential alotments down to 4,000m2 and their lack of addressing major environmental benchmarks set down in the 2031 Regional Plan.
  9. Through public consultation the new Mareeba Planning Scheme (2016) erased all mention of the old Myola Plan once and for all.
  10. Reever and Ocean purchased the old ‘Barnwell’ property in 2014 and then in 2017 applied under the 13 year old 2004 superseded planning scheme to subdivide into 239 blocks. This subdivision application was lodged over the same land currently covered by an EIS report to the Coordinator General for a separate integrated tourism development.


  • The Applicant (filed on the last day of the expiry date after hours – 5:02pm) came close to the 12 month expiry date on the 18th January at 5:02pm by email to submit the Development Application and this itself warrants a legal challenge regardless of when the Application Fee was paid.
  • The merit of what is proposed in the Myola Code mentions reference to a Structure Code. The Structure Code is absent. It can be compared to the future Residential Zone Code which specifically requires The Structure Code. This is prudent when trying to Masterplan an area.
  • The overall application omits many requirements for an assessment under the Myola Zone Code. These are matters such as:
    • Scenic value along ridge lines.

    • Does not provide an upgrade to the Kuranda Range Road.

    • Does not provide for a range of lifestyle choices and housing types.

    • Does not provide for future urban development.

    • Precinct C Area requires an average lot size of 8,000m2.

    • Accessible and convenient public open space should be provided for the recreation and well-being of the community.

  • The Lelia’s Way subdivision falls within the Myola Precinct A. There is a requirement for reticulated water and sewerage. This is not being proposed by the proponent.
  • A Town Centre which would provide for services and facilities is not being met and cannot be met with this application. In fact, a Town Centre can never be accommodated under subsequent Planning Schemes (after 2004). (refer attached).
  • The Myola Zone Code (Part 4, Division 21), states any proposed earthworks greater than 50m3 are subject to Impact Assessement. Considering the amount of earthworks required surely this is an Impact Assessable development- but is not being assessed as one.


Thank you for acting to protect this special area!