Stop KUR-World

The KUR-World mega resort and satellite suburb is proposed for the ecologically fragile Myola valley in the buffer zone of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

The KUR-World project would:

  • damage the habitat of endemic and endangered species including the Myola Palm and  Kuranda tree frog especially as most intense development is planned to be situated in the northern part, home to some of the breeding grounds of this frog. The developer has already constructed a large dam here and is likely to have already caused damage.

  • fragment the endangered cassowary's habitat & ecological corridors. This impact is highly unlikely to be mitigated by a wild dog control program. Especially as, as admitted in the EIS, it is uncertain whether control of wild dogs would succeed. It is also noted in the EIS that the use of poison could kill the endangered northern quoll. The clearing of essential habitat would be highly unlikely to be mitigated by revegetation elsewhere or by not cutting down regrowth.

  • impact negatively on nearby Wet Tropics World Heritage values as this area is part of an important buffer zone in the narrowest part of the Wet Tropics linking the south to the north.

The influx of thousands of visitors [ 1400 visitors ( non residential) a day plus on site accommodation for approximately 2000- 3000- is likely to

  • negatively affect local cultures both Indigenous and non- Indigenous and community values

  • stress already inadequate infrastructure including

  1. roads such as the Kuranda Range road linking Kuranda and the Tablelands to Cairns which is already prone to accidents and landslides (TOR 11.1)

  2. electricity with outages already frequent

  3. water quality and quantity. Bores already run dry in the area in times of drought. This mega resort and satellite suburb, including a golf course, would be unsustainable with the limited water available in the area.

  4. telecommunication with internet and phone access being problematic for many residents already

  5. medical services especially with the risk of flu epidemics, zoonoses and the reintroduction of mosquito borne disease such as malaria and dengue. (The target market is visitors from areas where both are endemic.) The nearest hospital to the KUR-World project is about 40 minutes away in Mareeba and is a small local hospital with limited facilities and between 50 and 99 beds. Cairns hospital is accessed via the Kuranda Range road which is often closed due to accidents and landslides, especially in wet weather. The planned one doctor on site is not adequate.

 The project area straddles sensitive habitat for endangered Wet Tropics species- and development will severely impact on the narrow neck or “pinch point” – the forest bridge that joins the North and South World Heritage Wet Tropics forests and is important for many species including the endagered Southern Cassowary.

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) submission time has just ended and assessment is ongoing.

Submissions were put in from FoE FNQ, Foe Australia and a supporting letter sent from FoE International Forests and Biodiversity Programme based in Costa Rica.

For more information, follow the community group KUR-Alert's  facebook page.

If you missed putting in a submission- or want to take more action- please write to Federal environment Minister Melissa Price.




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