Cassowary Keystone: Roaming Dogs Campaign


Uncontrolled roaming dogs are an INCREASING threat to HUMANS and PETS, WILDLIFE and LIVESTOCK.

Humans and their Pets: Unrestrained dogs create fear of being menaced or attacked, in places where people have a right to feel safe. Nuisance dogs break down neighbourly relationships. 

Wildlife Loss: Roaming dogs and lost hunting dogs invade the Wet Tropics with dangerous consequences to native and endangered species. The Wet Tropic & support a billion dollar tourism industry employing thousands and showcasing species living within this fragile ecosystem, to a domestic and global audience. Yet the Wet Tropics values are at risk. 

Within the Wet Tropics, wildlife must be kept protected from dog attack.  

Livestock Loss: Lost domestic dogs are the cause of our "Wild Dog" problem, costing the Australian taxpayer $65million annually for it's management. This major agricultural problem leads to financial and emotion despair for farmers with thousands of live stock mauled to death annually. 1080 poison is used to control wild dogs with secondary kills to our native dingo and other non-target species.

This campaign aims to educate the community about the threat posed by dangerous and roaming dogs.

We aim to regulate pig hunting and to tighten laws to bring those laws to the standards of other localities that have already addressed irresponsible dog ownership.

What's ALREADY Been Achieved :)

  • Tightening and enforcement of the Animal Management Act with the State and Federal Governments.
  • Developed a Private Members Bill the "Domestic Predatory Animal Act"
  • "Oscars Law" - to stop backyard breeders and puppy farming. 
  • Worked with FNQ Shire Councils organising a public awareness campaign "If you own a dog owner you are 100% responsible"
  • Planted stage one of 1500 trees to restore habitat connectivity in Mission Beach area
  • Worked with Department of Main roads on designs to reduce car strike and roads that fragment landscapes 

There are three known threats to cassowary's future survival.

  • Loss of habitat
  • Vehicle strikes
  • Dog attacks

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