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For 25 years I lived with a family of 7 endangered cassowaries.

That was until a pack of roaming domestic dogs mauled all of them to death.

I was soon to learn our law was ineffective. It has ambiguous wording and is totally unable to protect native species within the Wet Tropics.

I then discovered roaming dogs were also a threat to human safety, pets and livestock.

Dogs attack and kill. We are not safe. Our animals are not safe.

But irresponsible dog owners can be held 100% accountable, so that THEIR dogs are not harming our dogs, our wildlife and our kids.

This draft bill will require 100% accountability from dog owners. It involves a whole bunch of changes,  which, by tightening and enforcing the existing law,  will make dog owners accountable to their neighbours for the safety of their pets, families and wildlife.


Ingrid Marker. 


Cassowary Keystone Conservation is well on the way to achieve their campaign goals of better control of dangerous roaming dogs. Signing our roaming dogs petition has helped keep the streets safe. Since you signed, Councils have improved animal management.

Thank you. It's exciting to have a win like this.

Now, the WetTropics Plan is up for a 10 year review and they want to allow dogs where they threaten endangered species like our magnificent cassowaries. We have until 28th June to protect our wildlife and overturn the situation and make a Safe Haven for threaten species.

Write your concerns as follows - just two points!

  • No domestic predatory animals allowed in or adjoining the wet tropics.
  • An exclusion buffer zone neighbouring wet tropics.

Write a letter to Steven Miles

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GPO Box 2454
Phone: (07) 3719 7330
Email: [email protected]

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