Pollutants in the Barron are UNKNOWN


Write to the Council NOW


We need you to take action about the potential long term harm of Pesticides in the Barron.

They harm the people's health.

They harm the fragile reef.

They harm the ecological balance of the Wet Tropics.


Email Mayor Gilmore and your local shire Councillor NOW!

Make the following points

1. We can't possibly know what pesticides are in the Barron because tests are only for a small proportion of the pesticides potentially used in the region. Tests are only conducted a few times a year - and not necessarily after the wet when the worst run-off occurs.

2. The Risk Assessment regime is therefore flawed

3. Pesticides have been shown to have long term harm to human health [e.g. neurological effects and cancer in humans] and upset the natural ecological balance [e.g. killing frogs and bees]. 

4. Council must put out a disclaimer that they CAN'T GUARANTEE that the Kuranda or Mareeba town water is safe to drink.

5. Council must do comprehensive testing.


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The health of children along the Barron is at risk


to campaign for proper testing of the Barron River Water Quality

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