Poison Free Kuranda

RoundUp & Glyphosate in Kuranda Region 


       images: spraying in Kuranda village





In 2015 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) released a report classifying the world’s most sold herbicide, glyphosate, as a probable human carcinogen.



In 2018, a US jury ruled that RoundUp contributed to a school gardener’s terminal cancer, awarding him US$289.2 million in damages in a landmark case against Monsanto.

Currently, more than 9000 people across the US are suing Monsanto, claiming Roundup caused their cancer.


Numerous countries, cities & states have taken steps to restrict or ban glyphosate.  These include Brussels, 400 towns in Argentina, 8 provinces in Canada, the Czech Republic, El Salvador, Netherlands & Portugal.

Australian local government authorities trying alternatives include Cook Shire, Byron Shire, Dubbo and South Perth.


Yet in the Kuranda region, spraying continues unabated. . . . 

in our schools, Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and Council roads, parks & waterways.

We CAN transition from herbicides to sustainable weed management.

RoundUp and other glyphosate-based herbicides can no-longer be considered safe.  Any organisation using RoundUp risk being sued by employees and residents if their health is affected.





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