Nipper Brown

Nipper Brown ( centre in photo) has been a Mareeba shire councillor for the last six years and is now standing for mayor. Nipper is leading Our Team For Your Shire pictured above. He has both a facebook page and a website.

So far, we have not received any replies to our request for his biography but we have received answers to the questionnaire from him on behalf of Our Team 4 Your Shire.

On his website, he writes:


  • lead the team forward with clear transparency.

  • maintain a strong fiscal discipline.

  • have a strong community engagement with a focus on building stronger communities.

  • take a hands-on approach and be involved in conversations at the ground level without interfering with operational tasks.

  • ensure the best outcome for not-for-profit groups by maintaining policies that provide security for their long-term sustainability.

  • work with local businesses and industries to provide the best outcomes for our shire by promoting Mareeba as a business hub through marketing the Industrial Park and airport.  

  • communicate with State and Federal elected members representing our shire, inviting them to be interactive more with councillors.

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