MSC Councillor Candidate Peter Beatt’s response

Firstly let me give you some personal history.

I was born in Ingham and did my primary and secondary schooling at the state schools there. My father was a blacksmith/welder and my mother was a school teacher. After finishing school I spent a short time as an apprentice electrician and then went to Teachers’ College in Brisbane. I have been a principal at the Laura, Cordelia, Croydon, Mutchilba, Hambledon and Mareeba State Primary Schools. I hold a Certificate in Teaching, A Bachelor of Education Degree and a post graduate Diploma in Educational Administration. I am a widower with two children and five grandchildren. After leaving teaching I have worked as a farm labourer, picking and packing mangoes, limes and lychees, and have spent the last two years as a school janitor/groundsman.I have been a full time resident of this shire for 22 years.  I believe that we are all over-governed and over-regulated. I will attempt to reverse this situation wherever possible. I will try, along with the other members of the council, to be part of a decision making process that will set procedures and plans in place to enable the new Mareeba Shire to operate effectively and efficiently after the state wide council elections in 2016.

As I have never been a councillor before, or attended a council meeting, I am not accurately aware of current Federal, State and Shire policies on the issues you have mentioned in your questions 1 – 9. It would be very wrong of me to try to give a  definitive answer to these questions at this time.

I go into this venture as a cleanskin with no political affiliations or support, and no pre-conceived ideas. I am a good listener and believe that council should listen carefully to all sides of any issue and be open to new ideas. I believe that all ratepayers in the shire should get  full value for their rate dollars.

I do not have any association with any businesses or companies in the shire, state or country. I have nothing to enter in the Council Register of Interests.

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