Mareeba Shire Council Candidates 2020

To find out more about the Mareeba Shire council 2020 candidates, Friends of the Earth FNQ together with other groups in the Kuranda region, have asked them for their biography and for responses to a questionnaire about a range of issues including climate change; water, health and safety; industry, jobs and development and council process.

As this information is received, it will be posted online. To see the responses to the questionnaire, you can click on the links below (in order of time of replying):

John Brisbin's answers

Ann Bell's answers

Angela Toppin's answers

Locky Bensted's answers

Lenore Wyatt's answers

Our Team 4 Your Shire's answers (Nipper Brown as mayoral candidate, Kevin Davies, Mary Graham, Mladen Bosnic and Mario Mlikota)

Dan Bird's answers

Dean Mineall's answers

Terry Newman's answers

To read their biographies, just click on the candidates' names below.

So whose standing?

There are 13 council candidates.


Two of the existing councillors are contenders: Nipper Brown who is standing as head of Our Team for Your Shire and Independent candidate Angela Toppin.


There are eleven candidates for the six positions: Kevin Davies, Mary Graham (both members of Our Team for Your Shire) and Independent Lenore Wyatt are currently councillors- and are standing for re-election.

Ann Bell , Locky Bensted, John Brisbin, Mladen Bosnic, Mario Mlikota and Dan Bird plus latecomers Terry Newman and Dean Mineall are new names looking to join council. Mladen Bosnic and Mario Mlikota are members of Nipper Brown's Our team for Your Shire with the other six being Independents. Both Ann Bell and Dan Bird have been councillors before. Ann Bell was a councillor in South Australia and Dan Bird in Flinders Shire west of Townsville.

Let us hope we can all become fully informed and vote in a council that can lead us into a sustainable, just future for our Shire.