Lenore Wyatt

Lenore Wyatt

Lenore Wyatt lives outside of Biboohra on a property half way between Biboohra and Mt Molloy. She was first elected in 2016. She has responded to our questionnaire and also sent us her biography and her work history- see below. As a current councillor, she has a facebook page


"Hello my name is Lenore Wyatt and I’m standing for re-election as an independent candidate in the Mareeba Shire Council Elections.

I am a doer who gets the job done and I’m definitely not afraid to speak up or ask the hard questions at Council. I am young (ish), and offer some fresh and new ideas and I am especially passionate about wanting to make a positive difference by working with individuals and listen to the communities views. I have found it an honour to represent you or meet you over my time as a current Councillor. I feel that it is the people that make Mareeba Shire Council a top place to live, work and raise our families.

Within Kuranda and the surrounding communities I have a few roles as an appointed council representative and I also choose to volunteer at the Tourist Information centre. I really enjoy volunteering there and have been doing that over for the past four years, getting to know the fellow volunteers as well as to understand what tourists are looking for when they visit Kuranda. There is also a professional relevance to this, as I am the current Chairperson of Tourism Kuranda and I was appointed in that role 2.5 yrs ago, also at the beginning of the Council term I nominated to be councils representative at the Speewah Residents Association Meetings.

As a Councillor my focus is on working with all the members of the Shires diverse communities and I will continue to identify opportunities, while at all times making sure there’s a clear focus on accountability.

If you’d like to know more about what I have been doing and will continue to do in our community, please check out my Facebook page which is the Lenore Wyatt Councillor -Mareeba Shire Council or feel free to stop me in the street for a chat I’m always happy to say G’day."


Cheers Lenore👍🏼

The A-Z of Jobs I’ve had or skills I have 😀


Advertising Sales Rep



Disability Support Coordinator

Employment Consultant

Family Small Business Operator

Groceries Stacker

Home Maker

Internal Auditor

Junior Checkout Operator

Keen Horse Owner

Logistics Manager


Nature Lover


Promotions Officer

Queen ( Rodeo) - a long time ago

Reduce Reuse and Recycle Advocate

State Government Employee (Department of Agriculture - 15yrs)

Travel Agent

Unpaid Rural Firefighter ( Hodzic Rd Rural Firebrigade)

Volunteer in many capacities across my community

Workplace Health and Safety Officer

Xcellent Communicator

Youth Exchange Student (15 yrs old through Rotary)

Zealous when it come to Our Shire

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