Kuranda’s aging asbestos water pipes.

The Kuranda Water Treatment Plant’s – Drinking Water Quality Management Plan Feb 2012 reveals that between 30% to 60% of Kuranda’s water pipes have been made with asbestos concrete. The problem with asbestos concrete water pipes is that as the pipes age and start to deteriorate, asbestos fibers are released into the water supply.

While inhaled asbestos is recognized as a serious carcinogen, the Government’s current position is that ingesting asbestos fibre from the water supply poses little or no risk to the public health. So this is why there are no established guidelines for unsafe levels of asbestos in town water.

There is however growing concern around the world. Regulators are not taking into account the potential to inhale asbestos fibers e.g. in aerosol droplets when showering, or from fibers trapped on clothing during washing. These fibres are then released into the atmosphere especially from cloths driers and humidifiers.

Asbestos is clearly another important reason to install proper water filtering for one’s home and business.

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