Stuck for Christmas Presents? Kuranda Paper December, 2017

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Thank you to the State candidates Cameron Boyd ( the Greens), Cheryl Tonkin ( Independent) and Craig Crawford ( Labor) who responded to our questionnaire about the topics below. Their answers can be seen on our website Some of our requests to Santa are taken from their good ideas.
Dear Santa,
Instead of Adani and KUR-World, here's what we'd like this year from our newly elected State government ( at time of writing still unknown)
  • A local council that understands the special nature of the Kuranda region, is as open to environmentalists as developers and listens to the residents' concerns. A State Government inquiry into alternative local government arrangements for the Kuranda Region would be a great start. Alternatives to be investigated could include (a) merging the Kuranda Region with Douglas Shire and (b) creating a new Kuranda Region Council, separate from Mareeba Shire.
  • Sustainable planning and land clearing laws that are enforced with adequate monitoring. These should protect old growth and recovering forest - and stop our communities and wildlife being threatened by mega developments such as KUR-World and Adani.
  • A rapid phase out of the use of pesticides such as glyphosate and neonicotinoids - both of which are under increasing international scrutiny for their toxic impact on wildlife and human health - especially in catchments such as the Barron that are adjacent to very high biodiversity areas and drain directly into the Coral Sea. It would be good to see those bees busy pollinating again.
  • The buying back of previously State-owned plantations. These plantations replaced and remain adjacent to high-biodiversity areas including World Heritage forests, and are subjected to repeated herbicide and pesticide application.
  • More initiatives to support increased use of public transport, cycling and walking within the Barron River electorate e.g. more, wider and better bike lanes, cheaper bus fares and more footpaths.
  • A safety review of drinking water supplied from the Barron River -and until they are upgraded or superseded, official health warnings regarding these town water supplies.
  • More renewable energy sooner- with more support for small, local schemes such as solar panels
  • A just and equitable Queensland where everyone, regardless of gender, race, sexuality and wealth has a fair go both in the work place and the courts.
Peace Pilgrims & #ClosePineGap
We are still waiting to see if Margaret, our hard- working treasurer and membership secretary and Pauli , one of our members, will be jailed for their peaceful protest at Pine Gap. See They have risked their lives and liberty to highlight US military base Pine Gap's role in US drone attacks, often in countries with which the US is not at war. See the reports of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch ( ref: concerning US drone attacks in Yemen and Pakistan.


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