Happy Christmas! And best wishes for the new year!

It's been a big year for FOE Kuranda. And we want you to celebrate with us.



We've been active around 4 local campaigns, each linking with broader national environmental justice issues.

1. Exposing pesticide pollution of the Barron River which provides drinking water for Mareeba and Kuranda communities

2. Opposing the pipelines that would carry Coal Seam Gas (csg) in North Queensland

3. Standing against the mega farms such as the IFED project and the Three Rivers Irrigation Project, which would divert precious water resources from economic systems and sustainable agriculture on the Western Tableland Gulf Savannah.

4. Improving water quality and agricultural and urban run-off in our FNQ catchments to preserve the Barrier Reef for future generations



What We've Achieved

FOE Kuranda had the following significant WINS this year through our persistent, focused campaigning. Yay!

• The Barron River near Kuranda will now be tested for poisons and pesticide residues.We've pressed for it and this will happen as part of the Reef Water Quality Protection Plan,

• We've highlighted serious deficiencies in the new Mareeba draft planning scheme that would have resulted in unchecked land clearing. These are now being investigated and hopefully corrected.

• On our suggestion, Kuranda Pine Plantation is looking to leave wider buffer zones along its borders with the Wet Tropics. Brilliant!

• The pine plantation has admitted using Simazine, a dangerous chemical that persists in the environment.

• With friends in Cairns, we witnessed and recorded the clearing of the 'bat nurseries' by the Cairns Regional Council which has resulted in them being prosecuted by the Dept. of Environment.  Prosecution for over-pruning is proceeding.

• We formed an alliance with Indigenous people ACF, EDO, CAFNEC and CSG Free NQ to win a stop on mining Mt Mulligan.

In addition, we have helped and supported the creation of two locally focused action groups: the Spirit of Kuranda and Friends of Kuranda. We are proud to be founding members.

The Friends of Kuranda region Planning Group is currently working hard to get better environmental protection for the Kuranda region in the next Shire plan.


You can help us in 2016!

It's the end of 2015 and we at FOE Kuranda wish you all the best for the coming year. We are really proud of what we have achieved.

But there is plenty more to be done on each of these issues in 2016.

We hope you'll take this moment to


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Cheers and Happy Solstice, Christmas,  Hannukah,  New Year!
John Glue President
With the crew... Gabi, Sarah, Nadine, Kurt, Stacey, Anthony and Michelle


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