Federal election Questionnaire 2019

Friends of the Earth FNQ has questioned the Leichhardt candidates about social justice and environmental issues.

So far, only Gary Oliver of the Greens has responded.

Here are his answers:

Gary Oliver: Greens Leichhardt.

What motivated you to stand in this election?

Witnessing the expanding gap between haves and have nots and politicians are only interested in the large corporate donors. 

Endangered species & biodiversity

Recently there was a mass extinction of flying foxes in Cairns. Yet Cairns City Council's has plans to disperse flying foxes from the Cairns library, an important roosting place. In view of this – and the alarming loss of biodiversity in Australia, would you support strengthening the federal environmental laws to ensure protection of endangered animals' habitat and wildlife corridors- and the provision of adequate funds to ensure compliance?

YES strengthen Federal environmental laws.

Great Barrier Reef: If elected, how would you improve the quality of our waterways and marine environment and work to protect the Great Barrier Reef from the threats of climate change, contaminated sediment and crown of thorns starfish?

  • Remove plastics
  • Manage farming with a view to sustainable, regenerative farming practices which includes soil retention.
  • Stop Adani
  • Proper funding for organisations that care for the reef under World Heritage responsibilities.
  • Care for the reef specific funding, rather than hiding it in the tourism funding package. 

Clean water: Would you call for a nationwide audit of agricultural and horticultural chemicals so that local councils can tailor their raw and drinking water testing accordingly ?


No Spray Zones :Are you aware that glyphosate has been linked with non Hodgkin's Lymphoma -and would you support creating no-spray zones in children's playgrounds and in and around waterways?

There should be no spray zones in children’s playgrounds

Alleviating poverty: How would you work to alleviate poverty and close the increasing gap between the rich and poor in our country?

Dental arranged using the  Medicare system

Free education at all stages of life – Free TAFE and Free university – costed by removing subsidies for the “big end of town”.

Refugees: Do you believe mandatory detention of asylum seekers and refugees should be stopped-both offshore and in Australia? Should they have access to good quality health care both during processing and during settlement in Australia?

Yes. Ensure the UN Rights for Refugees are followed. 

KUR-World: What is your position on the proposed mega resort KUR-World in the Myola Valley and the very large subdivision that is proposed as a Plan B in this sensitive area?

The Greens oppose the improper use of planning laws.

The Greens are aware of the biodiversity issues and threats that this development pose to the local species.

No essential services for an additional population of 4000 people.

Coal & Climate Change: What is your opinion of the proposed Adani coal mine in the Galilee basin?

End coal exports.

Hunting Dogs Regulation: Would you support a Private member's Bill to regulate hunting dogs as dangerous dogs- as opposed to being regulated as companion dogs as they are currently?

Dogs should be regulated to meet Wet Tropics World Heritage management responsibilities.

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