Email Minister Price Now!

We need you to act now to save the ecologically fragile Myola valley and its unique and endangered wildlife!

Email the Environment minister.

Tell Melissa Price, Federal Minister for the Environment to act now!

If approved the mega KUR-World project would be one of the biggest infrastructure projects ever to occur in Northern Australia. The fact that it is proposed in the Myola valley in the Kuranda region, an ecologically sensitive location, is alarming.

Help us stop large scale development in the Myola valley.

Help us to protect the Myola Valley's unique biodiversity such as the  IUCN critically endangered Kuranda tree frog and the Myola Palm.

Email Melissa Price, Federal Minister for Environment, responsible for looking after our endangered species and conserving the Australian biodiversity.

Tell her to act soon – and to strengthen our environmental laws by adopting the  Blueprint for the Next Generation of Australian Environmental Law.

We need to show Minister Price that people care about our wildlife and want better protection for it- especially in places as biodiverse and sensitive as the Myola Valley, a buffer zone for the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Email to:Melissa Price

Suggested wording for you to start your email 

Dear Minister Price,

  • The Commonwealth has a clear responsibility , under the EPBC Act, to protect the Kuranda Tree frog and other species such as the Southern Cassowary, the Lacelid frog and the endemic Myola Palm from extinction
  • There's already been unlawful development resulting in damage to waterways on the Barnwell Road Estate where the Kuranda tree frog has its habitat.
  • Just a handful of creeks are home to the critically endangered Kuranda Tree Frog.
  • 10% of the Kuranda tree frogs' population are estimated to live on creeks where the mega resort KUR-World and part of the Myola subdivision are planned
  • 40% of these frogs live in the creeks which are fed by water from this land
  • Please act now before it is too late and call in the KUR-World mega resort and the Myola subdivision- and then develop a Species Recovery Plan for this highly endemic and critically endangered Kuranda Tree frog.
  • And long term adopt the Blueprint for the Next Generation of Australian Environmental Law produced by the Australian Panel of Experts on Environmental Law.



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