ECO FIESTA 18 - Dog Attacks , Wildlife, Cassowary and Humans

How many dog attacks were reported

in one year, in Cairns?


We have a Eco-Fiesta winner!

Chloe Schafer wins with the closest number 620. Guesses ranged from 20-3000! Which goes to show, as one of you said: 

"We have no idea. Do we?"

Here's the breakdown:

  • 120 are attacks on people
  • 250 are attacks on pets and other animals
  • 350 are frightening threats with emotional harm.

Dogs are mainly killing other animals. And they are a major direct threat to our remaining 1200 cassowary. Cassowary are a keystone species for rainforest survival. 


Check out this video and share The Tropical Queen: It's a basic message: Desex and register dogs! But we call on you to join the discussions - no matter how heated - on your local pages on Facebook. We've found people have a lot of feelings about dogs. It's going to take broad community discussion, quickly. You can lead that discussion. Your voice will make a difference.

New Dog Laws

Cassowary Keystone wants to know what you know about the new dog laws.

Please take this short survey  if you haven't already, at Eco Fiesta. It's just 5 questions - less than 2 minutes.

Take the survey now


Chloe wins one of our fab Friends of the Earth FNQ t-shirts or hemp bags - just in time for plastic bag handover. Contact us to buy one $15 at cost $25 with donation.

Second prize goes to Kevin: A Cassowary Keystone tshirt!  

Join the team with me. Volunteer here at Cassowary Keystone.

yours sincerely, 

Ingrid Marker

Cassowary Keystone Conservation


Friends of the Earth FNQ


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