Letter about Pine Plantations from Community Member

This letter was received from Darryl Killin. 

We include it here and hope to stay engaged.  We had invited Daryl to our meeting in December but he had decided not to come to talk about the issues at that point. But we welcome all views and look to solving issues simultaneously relating to climate change and carbon. 

 Letter from Darryl Killin

Hi FoE

I would like to add a very clear dissenting voice to your irrational position in relation to the Hancock pine plantations, which demonstrates a clear intent to mislead the public on this matter. A few FACTS to consider:

1. It was Qld Labor who sold the pine plantations to Hancocks (HQP) for $600M, and it followed a 10-15 year journey of the government getting out of forestry as an industry. Just like government does not own bakeries or supermarkets, they also no longer own the trees in pine plantations. They do still own the land however. 

2. HQP manage their plantations extremely well on a global scale, and these plantations are certified (and audited) against both FSC & AFS standards. 

3. There is no use of Simazine from the air, in fact no use of it at all. Get you facts right, or name your sources so that they can be exposed to public scrutiny. Forestry uses a fraction of chemicals of agriculture, in fact once the plantations are a few years old, there is no chemical use whatsoever for 20-25 years until harvest. 

4. Forestry is the only Carbon Positive Industry in Australia. The. Only. Carbon. Positive. Industry. In. Australia.


5. The pine plantations are harvested according to management plans which include all appropriate riverine and water catchment protections. 

6. This "clear falling" is a standard practice for pine plantations all around the world - just like clearcutting a sugarcane or banana plantation. 

7. The forestry operation supports local jobs in a new sawmill at Mareeba and other facilities around FNQ, and adds value to the regional economy. 

8. Cassowaries are far more at risk on the Kuranda Range from car traffic than in the plantations. 

9. The plantations will be replanted and will regrown again to be cut down in another rotation. True sustainability.

Why is FoE attacking such a positive green industry? An industry that can also produce green energy to replace fossil fuels and also green fibre to sustain a new emerging BioEconomy. Why are you stuck so deep in the Dark Ages?

Daryl Killin

Registered Professional Forester with over 20 years experience in local industry.



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