Annual report 2019

This was a big year for our group with several different campaigns being run.

However overshadowing all this was the loss of John, our long serving president. John kept involved right up to the end. Indeed even now, John is continuing to contribute- having left a large sum of money to the group (see financial report for details). Ingrid and Margaret will talk more about the Guardians project of the Wet Tropics which it is envisaged this money will support.

Foe FNQ 2019 Campaigns included:

  • Cassowary KeyStone Conservation which became part of FoE FNQ about a year ago. Click here for a more detailed report by Ingrid

  • Spray Free FNQ which became part of FoE FNQ. A survey was conducted about the use of RoundUp and other Glyphosate-based herbicides in the Kuranda region. Around 600 respondents overwhelmingly (90%) supported the transition away from herbicides towards alternative weed management technologies. The campaign objective for SprayFreeFNQ is to have each of the FNQROCs local government units [or a few of them] changing the arrangements regarding how they use Glyphosate. #BanGlyphosate. There is a stepped plan for them to do this that includes

- worker education and protection

- spray free public play spaces

Next steps in the campaign are

  1. to build engagement with the people who signed

  2. arrange them into "shires" or "LGA's"

  3. develop tactics or events or activities that will help the LGA's change their arrangements. There should be 2-3 active people in the small shires - and may be 5 in the larger shires. It takes a bit of organising to make that happen. But there are a lot of people who are keen about this issue.

  • All things KUR: Reever & Ocean kept us on our toes with multiple development applications on that unique and ecologically important property along Barnwell road in Myola near Kuranda:

Thank you to everyone who

  • put in one of the 1000s submissions with concerns about the mega resort KUR-World which has now been stopped! FoE Australia and FoE International Forests and Biodiversity also put in submissions, FoEI from Brazil. This is great work spearheaded by KUR-Alert, the community group running this campaign.

  • Came along to council meetings about the subdivision on this land (sadly now approved by council but reduced in size to 49 lots)

The newest development application proposed for the Reever & Ocean property is MCU/19/0018 This is an impact assessable development application for Nature-based tourism, including tourist and visitor accommodation

Stage 1 – Tented camp for 28 persons, in the form of 14 x 1-bedroom tents

Stage 2 – Tented camp for 26 persons , in the form of 5 x 2 -bedroom tents and 3 x 1- bedroom tents.

Public submission time closes 13 December.

Our group also:

  • Supported the campaign against 60 year contracts for tourism companies for Hinchinbrook and also the Whitsundays and the Great Sandy National Park.

  • Spoke out against the New Authoritarian Anti-protester laws for Queensland

  • Surveyed Federal candidates on their views on environmental and social justice issues

  • Held stalls including at EnviroFiesta and Cassowary day

  • Attended a visit to the recycling depot in Cairns organised by Cllr Lenore Wyatt

Thank you to :

  • Margaret for all her work holding stalls, growing the group, teaching us Nationbuilder and especially supporting Ingrid on the GBRMA submission for Guardians of the Wet Tropics at what must have been a very challenging time personally.

  • Ingrid who came on board at last year's AGM as secretary of our group, her work on roaming dogs and for her work on Cassowary Keystone Conservation and  Guardians of the Wet Tropics (GWT) project

  • David & Wasana for their work on the Spray Free FNQ campaigns, all things KUR and for the Kuranda paper

  • Henry for his excellent articles for the Kuranda paper and Chain reaction

  • Kinan, Jo, Stacey and everyone else who has worked on Spray Free FNQ

  • Everyone who has taken time to join the group and campaign on issues that they care about.

This is a challenging time for everyone who cares about the environment and its fantastic wildlife. Let's hope that 2020 will be a year in which substantial work is done regionally, nationally and internationally to repair the planet's climate, clean up pollution, care for refugees and wage peace not war.

Let's make sure our group does all we can to contribute to that.

 Sarah Isaacs



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