• Roundup and glyphosate given tick of approval for use in World Heritage area

    These articles were first published in The Kuranda Paper 

    A weedkiller banned overseas has been given the tick of approval by a state authority to be used across the World Heritage-listed wet tropics area in Far North Queensland.

  • Glyphosate & Cancer Risk

    Bayer/ Montsanto offered to pay over A$15 billion to settle thousands of class action lawsuits in the U.S. These were made by people who claim the company's Glyphosate Based herbicides (GBH) caused their cancers. In response Federal Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud has assured the public that he is confident that 'if Australians use it per the label, it is perfectly safe.'

  • FNQ Environment Roundtable

    In April, the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre (CAFNEC) hosted their annual FNQ Roundtable in Atherton.  The Roundtable was held on the land of the Wadjanbarra Yidinji First Nations, who shared their concerns about protecting and caring for their country.

  • A View From the Understory - July 2021

    Let’s shun the Selfish Society

    In 2008, the New Economics Foundation (1) drew together psychological data from many sources to help define the human actions that promote well-being. They declared the most significant of these to be; connecting to the people around us, being active in our bodies, taking notice of the world, learning new skills and giving to others.


  • A View From the Understory - June 2021

    It’s a mad, mad world.

    “The world we live in should not be treated as normal, and it should not be a sign of good health to become ‘well adjusted’ to a society that is casually practising ecocide, celebrating narcissism, institutionalising racism and assessing the value of all things according to the cold logic of profit maximisation.”

  • Guardians of the Wet Tropics - April 2021 Update

    We are all busy people doing our part to make a positive difference to our community and the environment. As the challenges grow, our knowledge of where to go to get help or find resources, how to reach out to get support for projects or how to develop strategies for a campaign can be a struggle. Maybe the Guardians of the Wet Tropics project could help you.

  • A View From the Understory _ May 2021

    The future’s uncertain and the end is always near
    So where do you sit on the doom to hope scale. Do you find it easier to imagine the end of the world than to see humans change our behaviour, turn the ship around, save our civilization and all that sails within her. Or do you think that human ingenuity, optimism and technology will save the day.

  • Mareeba Shire Council's Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

    Mareeba Shire council has just released a new Environmental Protection and Sustainability Policy, stating "this policy has been developed in recognition of the many natural assets of the Shire and the value that its residents and visitors place upon them."


  • More and Better Funded National Parks

    Friends of the Earth FNQ supports Queensland Conservation's National Parks for Life campaign for better funding and a doubling of Queensland's protected areas.

    'Well-managed national parks and private land reserves are our best chance to protect endangered wildlife, conserve nature for future generations and protect cultural values.

  • A View From the Understory - April 2021

    Could Kuranda become a “Ciudad Dulce”?

    A recently published report, “Combating ecosystem collapse from the tropics to the Antarctic”(1), prepared by thirty-eight scientists from Australian universities and agencies describes nineteen Australian ecosystems that are collapsing due to the prolonged and ongoing impacts of human activity.