Quick quiz

How much do you know about the environment? Enter this quick quiz and you could win a family pass to the beautiful  Australian Butterfly Sanctuary in Kuranda! 

Just pick the correct answers ( more than one may be correct in each question). The deadline is Thursday 15 November.

You may have to research some of them by searching this website... just click here to enter


                                                                            Green turtle


If the link above doesn't work, just copy and paste the 10 questions below to an email, choose the correct answer/s ( more than one may be true in each question) and send to sarahi3451@gmail.com.

1. The Kuranda region was first settled:

  1. In the 1800s

  2. In the 1900s

  3. thousands of generations ago

  4. 50 years ago

2. Guardians of the Wet Tropics is:

  1. a State government initiative for increased biodiversity

  2. a neighbourhood watch project to improve security

  3. a proposed project linking residents with LandCare and environmental groups

3. The KUR-World development would include:

  1. an ecoresort in the rainforest accommodating a maximum of 50 people

  2. a shopping centre 2/3 the size of Smithfield

  3. a resort with accommodation for thousands of people

4. According to Prof. Allan Dale, better planning is:

  1. economically sustainable

  2. has broad community support

  3. preserves cultural values

  4. maintains or enhances biodiversity

  5. all of the above

5. Adani is:

  1. a shoe brand

  2. one of India’s leading businesses

  3. attempting to open what would be the largest coal mine in Australia and one of the largest in the world.

6. Friends of the Animals is:

  1. a set of wildlife colouring pages for children

  2. a group protecting wildlife from roaming dogs

  3. a children's petting zoo

7. Bats:

  1. form one eighth of all mammal species in the world

  2. in Australia there are over 90 species of bat

  3. are important in the dispersal of rainforest seeds

  4. are important pollinators of trees

8. The Green Turtle

  1.  gets its name from the colour of its carapace (shell). 
  2. has lungs and must come to the surface about every half hour to breathe air
  3.  eats seagrass and algae

9. Water hyacinth is being removed from Lake Tinaroo:

  1. by spraying chemicals into the water from a helicopter
  2. by the use of a weevil
  3. by a combination of chemicals and weevil
  4. by manual removal and composting

10. Cassowaries:

  1. are an endangered species with only around 1200 animals left
  2. are threatened by loss of habitat, being run over by vehicles, dog attacks, pigs, disease and natural catastrophic events.
  3. In the Mission Beach area, loss of habitat is the greatest single cause of southern cassowary death
  4. are a keystone species for rainforest survival


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