Barron River Water Quality Forum

6pm Monday May 26th Cyber Café, Kuranda

Image_002-300x218.jpgHave a talk with any elders in the area and you will hear stories of beautiful clean water of the Barron River – ‘in the olden days’…

The river has been on quite a journey since then, with erosion from land-clearing for chemical agriculture including tobacco farming, which has left long-lasting heavy metal contaminants in riverside soils, mining, run-off from live-stock, house-hold and industrial waste, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers, feral animals etc etc.

  • What is the current state of the water in the Barron River catchment and our drinking water?
  • How does the water quality change with rainfall and drier times?
  • What are the health problems that have been reported in relation to the water?
  • What sort of tests are done for what sort of chemicals and pollutants?
  • What is being done at the moment to clean up the whole of the Barron River catchment?
  • What funds/programs/resources are available to access to do this?
  • What are the cutting-edge environmentally responsible methods used around the world for
  • cleaning water catchments?

Join Jenny Jensen to discuss these and other water issues from 6pm on the 26th of May 2014

Photograph of the Barron River by Jon Gleu